Stop The Overwhelm.
Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time.
And Finally...


Kick your marketing into high-gear and build the business you know you deserve.

What it is:

This is a virtual workshop that is going to give you the exact steps you need – including templates and checklists – to plug-in marketing systems that work to spread the word about your business, grab your prospects attention and bring them to your door, hungry and ready to buy. Heck, most of us are in business to make a profit, right? So, if you aren’t seeing the profit you want, it’s time to start doing what works.

Here’s what it will do for you:

You will walk away with the easy systems, structures and strategies you need to begin making serious money from your marketing…

You will:

There are ‘secrets’ to this, and when you find out what they are, you’ll experience one of those ‘Ah-Ha’ moments. When you begin to practice what you learn, you will start to see results from your efforts and…

You will feel relieved, in charge and so proud as your business
to really expand the way you know it can.

We will dig into your social media system, your networking system, your list building funnel and follow up system and more. You will know exactly what to do to make each of these strategies work for your business, and you’ll have the templates and checklists to make it easy… which means you’ll no longer wake up in the morning with the best of intentions, then suddenly discover it’s 4:45pm and all you can remember doing is answering a few emails and commenting on some Facebook posts.

You’ll be on purpose, on track and on target to create the sales
you want by putting system in place to guide you there.

Here’s what I want you to do now:

Click below to sign up for this workshop. We’re going to do 4 weeks of intensive work together, where you will take the systems I provide and using the information we discuss, you will tweak them to make them your own. Each class will include 50 minutes of interactive instruction (yes, you’ll have to pay attention), and Q & A that will last as long as we need to make sure everyone’s questions are answered.

To make it easy for you, the class times are scheduled during business hours. Of course, recordings will be made available so if you have to miss a segment or you want to listen again you will have that option. Classes will run on Thursdays at 12 noon Eastern for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and start on June 9 and run for 4 weeks consecutively.

So don’t delay, class starts in just a few weeks, and to make sure that everyone gets the focused attention they need, I’m limiting the number of people who can sign up to just 8. Many of you requested a virtual class at Rock the World, so here it is, sign up now.


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