Monthly Marketing Solutions

When you are really ready to turn your business into a Gargantuan Success, the single best way to do it is by teaming up with a marketing strategist and visionary who can blast you and your team into the stratosphere.

Marketing Systems On Steroids

With monthly marketing consulting you will get:

  • 2 Sessions per month of laser-focused, strategy crunching, business building marketing strategy (which will move you, step by step, to a place light-years ahead of your competition).
  • Building strategy after strategy to support the long-term success of your empire, so that if any one system stops working, there will be no risk to the overall achievement of you and your business.
  • More ideas and options than you could remotely begin to implement, giving you more choices and the opportunity to select the perfect ones that feel the best to you and will work with and support your business the most.
  • Continued, month by month, improvements in your marketing’s effectiveness and money making ability (making your peers and your competition wonder what the heck you’re doing – and leaving them in the dust).
  • Optional implementation of marketing projects by Payson and/or her team (which means you get all of the massive results without the headache or hassle of implementing them yourself.)
  • Full dissection of every facet of your existing marketing, pulling it apart to identify the parts that work and the parts that don’t. We’ll take the ones that work and super-charge them so they’ll blast through your marketplace and literally reach out and GRAB your perfect prospects.

This opportunity to work with a marketing professional is rare indeed. Most marketing experts, if the have any openings for monthly clients charge thousands of dollars for just one session. I purposefully have chosen to make this more affordable for solo-preneurs and small business entrepreneurs… and it won’t last. I have only a tiny number of slots open to take on a monthly client, and when they are full, if I even choose to open more, the price will likely double. So, if you’re on the fence about this one, think about where you business could be in just 3 short months – about the changes you could make, with an expert’s help, that could turn everything around for you.

You’re choices for monthly marketing support include a 3 month package or a 6 month package (if you are interested in locking in even more, let me know and we can discuss it). With these options, we schedule 2 sessions per month where we will develop your marketing strategy, your questions will be answered regarding details of how to put your marketing systems in place, we will test and perfect a variety of systems and as you implement the work, you will see tremendous growth in your business. You will be motivated, inspired, excited and jazzed about sharing your product or service and you will have buckets of money begin flowing into your business and into your life.

Note: Price for packages is subject to change and these monthly services will only be available to a limited number of customers, as my schedule allows. If you purchase a package, you are guaranteed my services, at the package price you selected, until the conclusion of the package time period, and renewals will be reviewed and considered on a case by case basis. If you are a current client you will be given priority over anyone applying to become a new client.

For more information on the Monthly Marketing Solutions option, please email (replace the ‘_’ with ‘@’)

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