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Using twitter for business marketing doesn’t have to be hard, if you know what to do and have the right tools.

Feeling warm and fuzzy using twitter for business marketing...

As we’ve covered in other posts on this blog learning how to use twitter for business marketing doesn’t have to be hard or complicated… you just need to follow some key steps. In the post the link in the last sentence takes you to, we looked at how to participate on Twitter so that you’ll have more success as you use twitter for business marketing. Let’s dig a little deeper here…

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about using twitter for business marketing is what to tweet about. In this complimentary webinar I cover several specific things you can focus on in your twitter account. I’ll summarize them here, and if you want more details, click the link and check out the webinar (people love it – it also shares one of my very favorite twitter tools).

What to tweet about:

  1. Great Content: Can’t say it enough. This is the number one thing you need to focus on as you build your strategy to use twitter for business marketing. Creating great content can be challenging for some people – the key is to find out what your target market and prospects want to know about what you do, about you and about your products and services, then build your content around that. Check out the last post How to Use Twitter for Business for a great way to get those ideas. You can also simply ask directly on Twitter. Now, if you ask once, don’t be discouraged if you only get 1 or two responses. Remember tweets go by really fast, and only a handful of people will see it, and it will apply to only a few of the ones that do. You should ask multiple times over a few different days, then you’ll get a much better response.
  2. Items of Interest: This is what I call ‘complimentary content’ – not as in ‘free’ but in that it compliments your own content. An example of this would be when I share information about yoga retreats and information that would support people who are interested in yoga through my PaysonJewelry twitter account, which is tied to my collection.
  3. Support Others: Re-tweet often, it’s a great way to support your friends and peers on Twitter, to build new relationships and to share great information that your followers will find helpful or interesting.
  4. Interact: Make sure you interact with people, comment on their tweets, ask them questions about what they do, their lives, their businesses. People love to share about themselves, if you invite them to, you’ll not only learn about them, you’ll begin to build real, solid relationships.

There are more ideas on what to tweet about in the complimentary webinar, so feel free to watch it and learn more.

This is just a start to covering the topic of how to use twitter for business marketing, we’ll dig in with several more posts over the next few weeks.

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