A little tough love


Why aren’t you getting where you want to be in your business?

What You Are Doing Now:

  1. Dilly-dallying around with your logo
  2. Constantly (and creatively!) coming up with new names for your business/direction
  3. Buying more and more URLs (oh, wait, that’s just me… sorry… )
  4. Chasing after every ‘new & shiny object‘ dangled in front of your face

Do I need to keep going or do you get my drift? (The list really does go on, and on, and on…)

Here’s what you need to be doing…


Avoid Distraction City

Logos, names and URLs – distraction, distraction and distraction – this is one I’ve been super guilty of, I’ve been known to whimper, “But it’s just not quite right” – time for me to kick my own tush just a wee bit and kick yours a little bit too. What to do instead?

Skip the fancy ‘logo’ for now and just pick a simple font and write out the name of your business or product – give yourself some time to figure out the flavor of your biz, THEN invest in the help of someone who knows what the heck they are doing with branding. Get out there and get started – find out who you want to work with, what they want from you and what you enjoy doing – it’ll show itself before too long. (Same thing goes with names and URLs – and if anyone knows of a URL 12 Step program, please send it my way… I’m pretty much a URL Junkie at this point…)


Nail Your Tush To the Floor

As for chasing shiny objects – this can be everything from new mentors, new classes or courses or new tools or software. The best way out of this snake infested swamp land is to pick ONE (yes, just one) person or coach to work with and model – someone you respect, who is further down the path you want to be on and STICK with them like white on rice until you are doing more business and making more money than they are, or at least until you’ve saturated yourself with as much of what they know as you possibly can.

THEN it makes sense to start working with someone else… there are a few exceptions to this – like working with a handful of coaches who specialize in different areas so that you are moving your business and/or life forward on multiple fronts (an example would be someone who specializes in outsourcing so you can build your team, while working with someone who specializes in business development), but this has to be done carefully. Another exception might be if you are in a big group coaching program and find that you need a smaller group or 1:1 support to make the most of that program…


The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is, there will always be something new to learn – and it’s going to look a heck of a lot ‘greener’ on that side of the fence, particularly with master marketers painting their colorful pictures. If you’re feeling drawn to something, take some time, sit quietly with it and you’ll know if it’s right for you.

And, if you find you are hopping around like a mexican jumping bean (which are really beatles… did you know that? I didn’t until a little while ago… but I digress) and you can’t seem to stick with anything long enough to find out if it will work, then get a coach or a friend to tie you down with accountability until you follow through and create some success.


Blinders – they’re not just for horses anymore…

Put some blinders on… the amazing opportunities are so distracting you’re going to need ’em! And, if you are looking for someone who will kick your tush with just the right amount of firm compassion, check out this link – I’m offering a teleseminar on Creating Your Million Dollar Map – it’s an intro to some concepts I’ve found are helping me and my clients create tremendous success.

Oh, and, it’s totally FREE, so you’ve got nothing to loose (except an hour or so of your time, if you don’t learn anything useful… which I’ve heard from people is highly unlikely – doesn’t seem I know how to NOT provide bucket-loads of content), you might learn a few things that can really support you in creating the business you want (and you might just start making some moolah in that business of yours to boot).

Here’s that link again: Awesome (if I may say so myself…) Teleseminar on Laying the Foundation for Your Million Dollar Map

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