Accepting Support


For some of us (ahem… me) accepting help and support can be pretty challenging. Giving it? Oh, that’s a no-brainer. We’re johnny-on-the-spot – anything you need, we’re right there and ready.

But, in the moments when we need a little help and support a lot of feelings can come up around it… we feel like things have to be even, so we are trying to make sure we give as much as we get, and in the process, forget to really receive what someone is offering us.

Sometimes we feel like we need to know everything, so it’s hard to open the space for someone to give us ideas, help and support.

Sometimes we’re so far down the rabbit hole that we just don’t know we need a hand – we can’t tell, so we don’t reach out – we’re ‘fine’, always ‘fine’, and people believe us, because we ARE strong. But… sometimes we need to let someone in.

Where in your life are you stopping support and help from coming in? Where are you trying to do it all alone? Where are you ignoring that you feel pretty darn crappy and could use someone to lean on for a few moments (and no, if you do it for a few moments, it won’t end up being forever, you can let that go to, it doesn’t work that way…)?

What if I told you that all the places where you are blocking that support, where you aren’t letting it in and where you are pulling the wool over your own eyes is costing you?

Well, it is. It’s costing you BIG.

By stopping that allowing, by blocking that receiving, you are also blocking other things you really want in your life… it could be money, success, fun, the relationship you really want… any number of things, or perhaps all of them.

Take a look at what you aren’t allowing and ask yourself if it’s really worth it… what are you trying to prove? What if you don’t have to give in order to receive? What if you’ve already given enough to allow yourself to receive for the rest of this  lifetime and it still won’t even out? What if, when you get that inkling that you aren’t doing so great you actually acknowledge it and reach out to someone you trust for a helping hand?

What could change?

(Here’s a hint… pretty much EVERYTHING.)

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