Big Green Hairy Monsters!


Last night I was on the phone with a fellow entrepreneur talking about the big green hairy monster that can sometimes climb on our back and make life feel pretty darn sucky. I’m talking about jealousy.

Jealousy and I have a rough relationship – when I was building my first jewelry business it was so bad that I couldn’t go to big jewelry shows or craft shows because my fears of not being able to compete, feeling like there was no room in the world for me and my jewelry and feeling like I wasn’t good enough – all wrapped up in an ugly, unpleasant feeling in my gut and my head – would make me almost incapable of working for weeks.

It’s much better now. I had to learn to put blinders on and not look at what other people are doing. And, that has helped. If you’re struggling a lot with feeling some similar things, I suggest you do the same – unsubscribe from all those newsletters of people who you see as your ‘competitors’ – or just pick one or two who don’t trigger so much feeling and follow them, training your mind to see their successes as inspiration, proof that it can be done, not evidence that someone else has already done it, so now there’s no place for you.

Ultimately, our conversation turned to how one can use jealously to feed the fire of passion. This friend of mine handles the stuff that comes up for her in the form of jealousy in a pretty effective way. She has shifted her thinking so that when jealousy comes up she recognizes it as an indicator. She looks for the thing there that she wants, if there wasn’t something there that she wanted, she wouldn’t be jealous, right?

You’re not jealous of everyone, only certain people in certain situations… and that means there is information there for you. What is it that you want that you see someone else creating, achieving or having?

Once she figures that out, she makes a list of steps to create that thing in her life. Then she’s get’s on it, and starts taking action to create it.

That’s a healthy way of looking at it, don’t you think? Want to try it out with me?

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