Big Opportunities


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At some point in time big opportunities will start to come your way as an entrepreneur… if you’re getting out there, sharing what you have, meeting people and building relationships, eventually it will happen.

Big opportunities that feel like that can change a lot of things for you and your business slide right into becoming an all-encompassing thing. It’s easy to get uptight and anxious that you need to wring every last drop of possibility out of it.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with making the most of an opportunity, in fact, you should. However, getting uptight and anxious will create challenges, making it hard for you to think, follow through and actually make the most of things. It is counter-productive.

What is often happening in that type of situation is that there is some sense of scarcity… like this is the only opportunity that will come your way, so you begin to freak out that you have to do 1,001 things to make everything work, to make it perfect and ride it to success.

This is where trust comes in.

If you can relax and trust that the universe will continue to send great opportunities your way (which it will), then you can focus on making this one the best it can be for you without running around like a chicken with your head cut off. : – )

So, if you have a big opportunity in front of you, take a few moments and get clear on the outcomes are you want that opportunity to create.

Then, take a few deep breaths and assess what is really possible in the time that you have (yes, you may want to work some extra hours and kick-things into high gear to make the most of it, without freaking out), and focus, focus, focus! Let any extraneous pieces that may be good, but aren’t central to your goal go, and know, deep in your heart that if you stay in a sense of flow, you will stay open to the many more HUGE opportunities that are coming your way AND you’ll create amazing movement from your opportunity.

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