Celebrating Your Wins


Here’s a scenario…

You’re getting super excited about a new launch you have coming up. You just KNOW people will love what you are going to share and you’re going to make some good money.

It will probably be hard work, but you’re up for that. You set your goals so that they aren’t in the stratosphere, but you’ll still be reaching, because, heck, you want to grow too, right?

As the days march toward the deadline – your big reveal or the start date, there’s momentum building and things are going well.¬†You’re pleased with yourself because you are taking some risks, doing some new things, challenging yourself – and you’re seeing some results – YIPPEEE!

Then, as you start to come up on that ever-important date, the one that you’ve set as an indicator of whether this was a ‘success’ or not, you see that you probably aren’t going to reach the goal.

A sick feeling starts to grow in your stomach and despite trying to reassure yourself, you begin to feel absolutely crushed.

You start to disengage… you become less interested and things become harder as you become more and more disheartened.

You’re looking at that goal and you know you aren’t going to make it… the whole thing seems like a failure, and your attitude and mood start to match that thought…

What’s going wrong here?

While I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, I know A WHOLE SLEW of people it does happen to (including yours truly, thank you very much)…

So, what’s the problem?

Focusing on the wrong ‘celebration’ – looking for the ‘win’ in the wrong place.

What if you re-focused your attention on all the action you did take, not the result that came out of it?

What if you got excited about everything you learned and tried?

What if you knew that 100’s more people saw and heard about you for the first time, and some of them will engage with you and even buy from you the next time around.

What if you knew that the success was in the effort, in the work?

What if you kept track of everything that you did, and you looked at that, saw the movement, the momentum, and celebrated that? Even while you assessed what to shift in the next round to make things even more successful…

What if you saw this for what it was… part of a continuum in your business… another learning experience, a SUCCESSFUL one (regardless of the exact outcome)… Then you took a few moments to pat yourself on the back, enjoy and celebrate and then dove right back in to continue making it better and better for the next round?

That would shift things a bit, wouldn’t it?

Give it a shot… you’ve got nothing to lose, except that crappy disheartened feeling that can stop you in your tracks. (That’s really just a way of self-sabotage anyway, and who needs that?)

Life is about the experience, the journey, not the destination. You will have many MANY more experiences in your entrepreneurial journey, celebrate this one for the wins it offers, and then start on the next one with your eyes up, your heart light, knowing you will grow, learn and succeed.

If you’ve been practicing this scenario the way I described it at the top, it may take some effort and work to re-orient yourself and start to have a different experience. If you do though, the payoff will be HUGE… and once you practice the new responses for a while, they’ll become automatic, and you’ll be unstoppable.


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