Facing Daunting Tasks


Today I have to do several things that are BIG for me… they will require extended periods of deep concentration, some learning, a lot of writing and creating and, frankly, I’m a little freaked out.

It’s funny… it’s not the first time I’ve done any of these things, but I load them up with so much stress and pressure that I start worrying about them days in advance, can’t sleep write the day before they are scheduled, and of course, have trouble dragging my butt out of bed when it’s time to get started.

So, today I’m going to work on a new approach.

Each time I feel those ‘ickies’ coming up, I’m going to work on changing my thoughts – looking for the fun in what I’m working on, remembering how much it will serve people as I put it out into the world, remembering how much what I’ve shared in the past is appreciated and makes a difference to people (I often worry what I do may not be good enough… sound familiar??).

The key is to consistently find a better feeling place while still moving forward with what needs to get done.

I think I can do it. What about you?


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