Do you find yourself scattered sometimes? Feeling overwhelmed, not sure what to do first, with bunches of projects you want to do, or need to do?

You have a focus issue.

I was with someone yesterday who has TONS of energy, is clearly very driven and is also highly creative. He has several projects he’s working on and because he’s spread out among them, none of them are really moving forward in the way that he wants.

We discussed how his energy is like the sun – a huge ball pushing energy out in all directions, and I suggested he think about focusing on 1, maybe just 2 of his projects. The effect of narrowing down and putting all of the energy into just 1 or 2 things is like focusing the rays of the sun through a magnifying glass. Instead of general warmth, you have the power to start a fire.

Think about the ways in your life that you are letting your energy flow randomly. How can you create your own magnifying glass and focus your energy to get your fire going?

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