Give Yourself A Break


It’s an interesting paradox…

If you aren’t quite creating the level of success in your business that you want, you would think the solution would be to work harder, do more, fit more in…

Interestingly, the opposite is true for many people. The issue is not in the not working enough, part of the issue is in the mindset and the emotional place of feeling guilty because you should be working all the time.

When you decide to spend an evening with your significant other or watching some TV or playing with your kids, is part of your mind trying to work? Are you feeling like you really should be on the computer or at your desk?

Do you feel badly because you aren’t working?

If you answer yes, then you actually need to give yourself a break.

When you decide not to work, let it go out of your mind completely. When you notice it creeping back in, firmly shut the door and focus on your kids, your partner or that movie.

It’s important to have down time – in fact, in many instances, it’s the down time that creates breakthroughs in your work, but if you never give yourself time to rest, giving your brain a little time-off, then you are robbing yourself of both the refreshing aspects of taking a real break, and the incredible side-effects of that, which is often a big leap in whatever project you are working on.

So, give yourself a break.

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  1. Thanks for your useful post! Sometimes I feel so bad while there are so many things need to be done

  2. Payson says:

    Glad it hit home for you Tony. It’s so easy to get down on ourselves, and it’s important to begin practicing different thoughts and to ease up. Hope you are doing that today! :-) Keep me posted.