Giving Perfect The Heave-Ho


Most of us are addicted to perfection… and there’s a reason for it…

We are surrounded by media and stories that show us and tell us only the best and most glorious moments. That leads to the impression that the beauty, the glamour, the success are all that matter, and that it should always just ‘arrive’ coming so easily that barely a hair goes out of place.

Frankly, it’s hog wash.

Sometimes we hear the real story behind the success… the 2 years of 22 hour work days where someone slept under their desk and ate nothing but ramen noodles to make something work. How someone lived out of their car for a year or more while they were trying to make ends meet and build relationships. We don’t hear about that for long long though – it’s like we’re allergic to the reality, and all we want is the glitzy happy ending.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s all impossibly hard work and levels of sacrifice that don’t make sense for the average person. That’s not it at all.

What I want to highlight here is that the journey IS the experience, and therefore, as the saying goes, the reward.

If you allow yourself to muck things up a bit, to make a mess, to (AH! The Horror!) fail or make mistakes, you may just find that the gems, the real diamonds are hidden within what is experienced and learned in those moments.

So, how about we hang up that ‘perfection’ suit, shut the door to that closet and quadruple lock it up, so we’re not even tempted to put that sucker on?

What if, just for a little while, you gave yourself the freedom to just be you, to be like a child trying things out, learning as you go, falling down and getting back up to continue?

What might your world look like in 6 months? In a year?

You’ve got nothing to loose but the stress, the fear and the anxiety that come along with trying to present a perfect facade that doesn’t exist. We all want the REAL YOU. Let’s do it together.


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  1. Kate Frank says:

    The really cool thing about looking at imperfection as good is this…it makes us human. People like to engage with “real human beings”, mistakes and all.

    More and more, individual business owners are recognizing that showing imperfection is good for business. You just got to be strategic in how you to it using the old “lemons to lemonade” principles.

    Thanks for bringing up this important topic Payson.

  2. Payson says:

    Thanks Kate! Appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. It’s so true too… we really do want to feel connected to one another and we just don’t feel connected to someone who is ‘perfect’… and it doesn’t ring true. Somewhere inside we all know there is no such thing, so when someone puts on that face, it feels ‘false’ on some deeper level.
    Hope you are doing great!