Giving Yourself A Fighting Chance


If you are someone who is constantly giving yourself a hard time, this post is for you.

I’m writing about this coming from a place of experience – one that I haven’t mastered yet, but where I have definitely (and thankfully) made some progress.

If you refuse to acknowledge the things you accomplish (even as simple as making a phone call, answering an email or writing a blog), you’ll be creating a much harder and much more challenging entrepreneurial journey for yourself. And, you’re probably sabotaging your success.

If you never cut yourself any slack, you will ALWAYS (I repeat ALWAYS) find something to be upset with yourself about.

When will you know you’ve achieved something? When will you know things are going well?

You never will, because you will always be focused on what didn’t happen, what didn’t go right, what you didn’t do, what you did wrong and how nothing worked out how you ‘wanted’ it to work out.

If you want to succeed, you need to give yourself a fighting chance and start to shift your attention.

Appreciate yourself and the things that you do, no matter what the outcome is.

Start to speak kindly, gently, compassionately to yourself. Chances are you would NEVER speak to someone else the way you speak to yourself. You deserve better than that.

You can start small – after all, you’ve most likely been practicing this process for years. It may take a little while to begin to shift things, so don’t use your lack of ‘quick change’ as another opportunity to beat yourself up.

Take a deep breath and focus your attention on something you like about yourself. Then focus on something you’ve accomplished today – big or small – maybe it was just getting out of bed. Create a daily routine to continue that focus – in the morning and again at the end of your work day or in the evening before bed.

You get to build the habit and the muscle of encouraging yourself and loving yourself.

Start to observe your self-talk throughout the day and when you realize you aren’t being kind and supportive, then change the thoughts – start to say nice and supportive things to yourself in that moment.

I know many people consciously or unconsciously believe if they cut themselves any slack, if they’re not hard on themselves they’ll never amount to anything… how’s that going for you? Are you getting what you want? Do you have the daily life experience you want?

If you can make this shift, you’ll find things beginning to flow much more quickly and smoothly in your business and in your life. You’ll start to enjoy everything in your life a lot more… and isn’t that one of the big reasons we all set out on this journey to create a business? So we could enjoy our lives in deeper, more enjoyable and more meaningful ways?

Take good care of you – you deserve it. (If you’re wondering if it’s true, you can take this 3rd grader’s word for it… Loisfoeribari, including you.)


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  1. Jessica says:

    I’ve been getting much better at this, Payson. Definitely needed to read this post, though, as just this morning (after writing a blog post, writing a newsletter, and answering a couple of involved emails) thought, “It’s 9:30 a.m. already?! But I haven’t gotten anything done yet.” Hee. So I’m a work in progress ;-).

  2. Payson says:

    Thanks for the comment… So good that you noticed Jessica!! :- ) We really don’t recognize all that we do and all that we are – you are contributing to the world in SO MANY WAYS!