Goals That Inspire You



It’s easier to get things done when you have a goal that inspires you.

I know… you’re thinking, “Thank you, Captain Obvious!”

Seriously though. Does what you are going for really light your fire? Are you so passionate about it that if you spend a little time thinking about it before bed you get all wound up and can’t sleep?

When you wake up in the morning, if you focus there, do you bound out of bed, chomping at the bit to start your day?

If not, you may need to start digging a bit deeper, it may be that you won’t even change what you are doing, just mine for the passion that lies behind it.

Get excited.

Get fired up.

Create so much juice, so much passion, so much joy at the prospect of reaching your goal that you can’t wait to get going.

With that kind of dedication the speed bumps that arrive (and they WILL arrive) will seem teeny tiny in comparison to your will and drive to succeed. Without that burning desire, those speed bumps and mole-hills become mountains, tall enough for snow caps even in the summer.

What are you gets you going?

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  1. Love this and can relate with our 48-state tour…it’s been a HUGE challenge, but LIGHTS me up! :)

  2. Payson says:

    I’m sure you can Susan – it’s an AMAZING goal!! Hugs!