In The Moment


I’ve probably talked about this before, and I’ll probably talk about it again… it’s super important.

Realizing that we only have one moment, the present moment, in which to be or do anything is essential to creating success.

Of course you want to create plans for the future, but when you are working, spending time with family or friends, or giving yourself some down-time, it’s imperative that you stay in the present.

Also understanding that when you feel worried or guilty or concerned about something around your work (or anything, really), you are also not staying in the present. Having those feelings and sensations means some part of your mind is elsewhere and not focused in the now. You’re thinking about what you should be doing, where you should be going and what might happen if… and not a good ‘if’.

Give yourself a little challenge today… see how often you can be completely in the present. You can use your senses to help you stay there…

How do the keys on your keyboard feel under your finger tips?

What does the air flowing into your nose or mouth feel like? Is it cool? Warm? Dry? Damp?

What does it smell like?

You get the idea… : – )




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