Keeping Your Cool


So, when crap starts to hit the fan what’s an entrepreneur to do?

It can happen at any moment, it can come in the disguise of something completely benign or different then suddenly shift, it can be a few little spatters or it can be a great BIG SPLAT.

How do you keep you head and wits about you, figure out the best course of action and then move on? How do you exit that nasty private torture cell in you keep just for you in your head… where you go over and over things, flipping back and forth between beating yourself up, being indignant and pissed off, and praying that it was all different?

The process is different for each of us… but for many women at least, having someone to vent to can really help. Someone you trust, who won’t dive headlong into the deep end of your muck filled pool and sit there¬†commiserating¬†with you. Someone who will listen, hold the space for you to let it out and process, and then either let you go, or help you sort out the best course of action.

Those types of friends are few and far between, so when you find one, take your time to nurture that relationship. Be the place they can come and vent safely, without judgement or fear, and with complete confidence that nothing you say will ever be repeated.

Another way? Change your state of mind and your scenery. Get out and go for a run or a power walk listening to your favorite music. Dance around your living room singing at the top of your lungs. Get some of that energy out and clear your head, then when you get back, most likely things will be clearer for you and you’ll be able to move forward in a way that makes sense for you.

How do you handle things when it all goes funky and the stinky stuff starts flying?



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