Listing Your Successes


I’ve spent the last few days thinking about successful and positive experiences in my life around a few specific topics. That’s had a profound effect on my thinking about where I am, what I can do and what is possible.

It’s made me think that sitting down and taking the time to create a list of your successes around any area where you might be struggling can be a profound way to really improve your outlook, and therefore your results.

Most people recognize and acknowledge that our thoughts create our reality – at least to some degree – how we think about ourselves is not exception.

If you spend time reviewing and concentrating on the experiences where you have not succeeded or where things didn’t go as you’d hoped, you’ll be spending most of your time thinking about how or what you did wrong.

If you spend time reviewing and concentrating on the experiences where you HAVE SUCCEEDED you will build your confidence and your belief in your ability to continue your success.

Which one sounds like more fun? Which one sounds like it will help you get where you want to go?

Yep. Time to focus on what’s worked and how well you’ve done.

And don’t worry, you won’t get a big swollen head out of the process… chances are you are guarding against that so carefully the chances are absolutely nil.

So go for it!

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