Not Good Enough?



Are you a bit stuck in your business because you’re convinced you’re not quite ‘good enough’?

You don’t have quite enough experience?

You don’t have enough testimonials?

You feel like you can help, but when you start to talk with someone you’re suddenly sure they would be better served by someone else?

Do you think a lot of people probably know as much as you do about what you do?

These are all ways in which you are stopping yourself from taking risks, and from creating the success you really desire. It’s understandable. We haven’t been raised to take risks… and, you should know that pretty much everyone feels that way, at least at the beginning.

The people who succeed, figure out ways to get past this place – not just the first time, but any other time it pops up along the way.

To be willing to step outside your comfort zone, you may have to build some support and accountability systems.

You can start out by getting a few success stories under your belt by hand selecting a few people and making a very special offer to them in exchange for feedback and a testimonial, if they feel the product or service warrants it.

You can also create some support with a peer or a small group of peers who will help to hold you accountable when you are up against some of the more challenging stuff, like asking for your fee, or asking for the business.

How can you support yourself in making a shift around these mind patterns?


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