Opening Up To Success


Why is it that some people can do something and get a big result, and when other’s do the same thing, they hardly see anything?

It happens with marketing all the time… and there are several different possibilities that could explain the phenomenon, including the people they targeted, the message they put together etc…

Then, there is something that is not discussed as often, but which is just as important – perhaps even more so… that is creating the energetic space for success and abundance to exist in your life the way you want it to.

What do I mean? Well, if you are finding that you are often focused on the lack of what you want in your life, then as you’ve probably come across many times, you are actually creating more of that ‘lack’ in your world. What you focus on expands, so if you are focused on the lack of clients, the lack of money or the lack of something else, then you will actually be creating more of that lack.

Try shifting your focus… even if you don’t have a lot, if you can just orient your attention to what you do have, focus on how much you appreciate it and really move into the emotional space of feeling that, you can shift things around and begin to have a different experience.

It does take practice and focus… but so did the habit of worrying and focusing on the negative or the lack. That’s just a habit you’ve developed. You can just as easily develop a habit around thinking positively, appreciating what is showing up in your world and opening up to having more and more of what you truly want.

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