When you start to feel yourself being pulled to think negatively about something that is going on with your business, it’s important to turn to your skills at ‘re-framing’ the situation.

You want to practice being able to view things from all different angles, when you are not feeling stressed, worried or like something isn’t working the way that you want. By practicing without the stress you will train yourself to see a variety of alternatives in every situation.

Then, when you are faced with something that doesn’t look all that great at the outset, you can rely on your skills to be able to see possibilities and know that things are not always as they seem.

A very simple example of this type of scenario might come up at a networking event. You see someone you haven’t seen in a while and smile at them – they seem to meet your eye, and turn away frowning and then say something to someone else.

At face value, it looks like they responded negatively to your smile and acknowledgement. You could react to that and get upset, deciding not to speak to the person, or, some people might even get angry and confront them…

If you decide to re-frame what you witnessed and understand that it’s possible the person didn’t really see you, as they may have been deep in thought. Perhaps the conversation they were having was upsetting them in some way. Maybe something difficult or challenging is happening in their world right now, and it’s affecting their overall energy and ability to observe the room around them.

Taking a moment to see the other possibilities, frees you up to decide if you want to say hello, and maybe even ask them how things are going, giving both of you a chance to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Watch for opportunities to re-frame things that occur around you today and every day. You’ll find yourself feeling more balanced, less stressed and easily able to see the glass half full.

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