Re-Group and Re-Commit


Not sure why it is that the things that seem to be most helpful to us are often the things we struggle with the most and let fall away…

The bottom line is, we all do it occasionally, and the thing that separates the people who create success and those that are stuck in perpetual hope, is that they get back on the wagon and pick up where they left off. It’s NOT that they are perfect and never let things slide.

Sure, there are a few who seem to have the ability to make a commitment stick like permanent super-glue, but they are few and far between. They are also picking 1 thing and making it the #1 priority… no matter what, it happens.

I’m bringing this up today because I’ve been slacking off in my blogging (and a few other things too…eating right comes to mind…). During the week after Hurricane Sandy I didn’t even remember, never mind have the brain power to actually write something coherent. Then, last week I remembered a couple of times, forgot a couple more and one time… I remembered, and then didn’t write. That last one, that’s the one I have to watch out for.

So, today I am recommitting. And, I must say, the pit of my stomach has dropped out and some part of me is screaming, “NOOOO!!!” at the top of it’s lungs. This daily blog writing is hard. It’s a big commitment. Sitting here today, I feel like I’ll never have another thought to share… I’ve already written them all. Another voice offers, “Besides, no one wants to read this stuff anyway.” (It’s being a bit harsher than that, but you get the gist…)

All of those little voices are lying to me… there is no truth in it. Of course I have more to share. Of course there will be something to write about tomorrow. Of course I can do it. Heck, I did it every day from the beginning of June until the end of October. Why would I suddenly think I’m no longer capable?

That’s one of the funny thing about those little voices. They wait until you waiver just the littlest bit and they swoop in and drag you down. Don’t let it happen. Stand firm in the truth of knowing that you too can continue, you too can re-group and re-commit. You are worth it.

What are you going to re-commit to today? Pick 1 thing. Not 3 or 12. Just 1.

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