The Rush And The Lull


Not sure if you can relate to this kind of experience, but for me, in building my business, things often seem to move in phases (which happens in a few hours, a few days, a week and over months).

There’s the big rush – both of activity and the heady rush of new creativity and inspiration. The beginning of things, when you are excited with possibility and opportunity.

Then, there are the lulls. At times the creativity wanes a bit, exhaustion can creep in as you work more and more to move the ‘rush’ ideas forward. The lull is sometimes soothing and soft, at other times intense with emotion – anything from disappointment and disillusionment (if things aren’t going the way you want) to eager anticipation (as you continue to build toward something, it can get pretty ‘quiet’ as work toil away the hours).

Well, to me a ‘lull’ can be seen as a ‘calm’, and that, as the proverb says, comes before the storm.

It seems to me that my world goes up and down like a boat being tossed on big ocean waves – and my job, my goal is to find my footing and stay centered and balanced through the ups and downs.


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