Today is Day 90!


On June 11, 2012 I started a 90-day blogging challenge.

Today is the 90th Day!

I’m so pleased and proud to say that I did it.

I actually blogged, every single day, for 90 days.

Yes, there were some days where it was short and sweet.

There were a few times where I wrote the posts in advance and scheduled them to go live each day (just a few times).

There were DEFINITELY days where I didn’t want to do it.

There were 2 days (if I remember correctly) where I almost forgot, and got it in under the wire (1 of those days was at about 11:45pm!)

Overall though, it was a great experience.

I learned a lot about what I enjoy writing about, what flows easily and naturally. And, of my 2 main goals, both were achieved.

The first was just to do it – to see if I could write every day for 90 days.

The second, was to really pay attention to the conversations and thoughts I have on a daily basis where something valuable, even brilliant comes up, whether that was with a client, a friend or colleague or in meditation.

I did that, and know I could continue to use more, so I’m going to do another challenge.

This time though, I’m taking weekend off. :- )

I’m going to write every week day until December 31st, but Saturdays and Sundays I’m free to write or not, as I choose. Hmm… I think I’ll take holidays too – not all of them, just the ones where businesses are generally closed, because I’ve been working on taking those days off too – giving myself a much deserved break.

So… even though it has nothing to do with this post, I still want to remind you that I have a webinar {a free one!} coming up on Wednesday. If you have checked it out, you can find out more, and register here. I’ll be sharing my #1 tip about marketing that the most successful entrepreneur I know told me changed her whole business. Come and find out what it is, along with a whole bunch more info. Register here.

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