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Making a Big Splash

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As I was walking up 5th Ave the other day I came across a new store with a very splashy entrance… it’s just a few doors away from another one of the stores I’ve thought about including here on the blog, so I’ll do this one first, then get to the next one…

It is a new Hollister location and the entrance to the store includes video screens that run at least 6 feet high and a minimum of 12 feet across, with the door in the center, which you’ll see in the video. As you watch you’ll also get to see what’s in the door…

It will be interesting to see if the two very scantily clad models (and 2 people with winter coats on – after all it was only about 30 degrees when I shot this) are still there over time, or if that is part of the big opening.

What works well with this store front (and you can search YouTube to see what I mean – my video is just another example of it) is that they are getting free media from other people, people like me sharing the name and images because it is new, interesting and unique. Whether it actually translates into more sales, I don’t really know. They are also using some of the same techniques their neighbor a few doors up has used for quite a while….

Abercrombie & Fitch. Here’s an image I took over the summer, and this ‘line’ of people waiting is a daily occurance. It’s a brilliant strategy when you think about it, a lot of people are very influenced by lines and the appeal of something that is ‘exclusive’.

Abercrombie & Fitch manages to keep a line of people outside the door during most seasons of the year – which makes people stop and wonder what is going on, take pictures, and often, get it line.

As you think about your business, how can you create ‘Buzz’?

What is it that you can do that will attract unusual attention?

What can you do to help your customers and clients feel like they are part of an exclusive and fortunate group that gets to use your product or service?

It’s just a piece of an overall marketing strategy, but making yourself exclusive can be a very successful way to bring in clients. And, creating something, like the ocean view and the pool of water on 5th Ave in the middle of winter, can really make you stand out. But, before you spend a fortune creating something beautiful or unique, make sure you have a way to track the results, and test it in a smaller way to see if it has an impact on the bottom line. Once you are sure, you can consider rolling out a bigger, flashier version.

While there were many people milling around the new Hollister store, taking pictures and enjoying the ‘scenery’ (both digital and real…) I didn’t see very people going inside. It may have been the day and the time, but an installation and investment like that really needs to pay off, so go slowly into it as you chose how to use your marketing and advertising budget. There are many ways to create buzz or an air of exclusivity without spending a fortune.

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