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Brilliant Marketing Videos

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This example doesn’t lend itself to every business, but if you can demonstrate the extremes of our product’s capacity via video and post it to the internet, not only will you have the potential for rapid and massive viral spread, you’ll probably also get LOADS of customers!

I’m a HUGE Vitamix fan… I’ve had my Vitamix for years and use it almost every day. It’s the one kitchen tool I have taken with me to week-long vacation rentals and the thing I miss most when I’m away and can’t take it along. I’ve probably sold 50 of them to family and friends by talking them up so much.

Well… these videos might just make me consider converting to something else – and that’s SAYING SOMETHING! (Apparently the blending capacity for the 2 is about the same, based on several internet reviews.)

Check out the ‘Will It Blend’ videos from… you can see more here:

Here’s one of my favorites:

The fun music, the happy smile, the 70’s game-show feel – it all rolls into making one WONDERFUL and FUN marketing campaign. And, not once do they have to mention that this is a kick-ass blender that could make a pretty smooth smoothie… if it blends a laptop, I think it can take care of my frozen strawberries – what do you think?

Bottom line is this is a creative and fun way to show the power of this product. You can bet with 100’s of 1000’s of views (some well in the millions) these videos are having a great impact on getting the Blendtec name out into the world.

Enjoy! :- )

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