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Obstacles In Your Way

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It’s bound to happen.

As you travel along your entrepreneurial path, occasionally (or not so occasionally) you’re going to hit bumps in the road, massive trees fallen across the only way through, scary animals and strange sounds during the night, and section which seem almost un-passable.

In short, there are going to be things that make you want to quit, run home to the cozy comfort of your living room sofa, a blanket and your favorite funny sitcom (anyone have some ice cream? I’ll settle for chocolate chip cookies?).

Trust me, I speak from experience.

If you decide not to retreat, you’ll find that you are far stronger than you may have expected. You’ll find that you have resources, ideas, support and energy you had no clue were in your reserves.

And, if you decide you WILL find a way, then you will. Period.

The funny thing is, often times, it’s not even that hard. What looks like a brick wall, a huge monstrosity, once you decide you’ll scale it, go around it, learn to jump high enough or, if required, use a stick to scrape at it until you make a hole and then make it big enough to squeeze through, even if it takes you 10 years (basically, you’ll do whatever it takes) turns out to be just a really photo-realistic image on paper, so all you have to do is rip through and you’ll be on your way.

Perhaps it’s just me… it’s an odd paradox, but something I’ve found to be true over and over. You make a decision and the way seems to yield.

Where are you seeing an obstacle that feels just too big, too hard to traverse? Reach out and ask a friend or a coach for some support – chances are it looks like a boulder, but if you shift the lighting just right, you’ll see it’s actually a staircase carved into the rock… :- )

And, if you are ready to blast the barriers to creating marketing that kicks some serious butt, then you won’t want to miss the live (& FREE) webinar I have coming up. You can register here to learn some of my best tips, including my #1 marketing shift – which the most successful entrepreneur I know used to change her entire business. Don’t miss out, click here to register.

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Passion and Excitement vs. Overwhelm

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Find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the projects you are taking on in your business?

After struggling with feeing overwhelmed for about 3 years straight (no picnic, as you know if you’ve experienced something similar) during the last year and a half, I’ve come to a realization.

Excitement and passion doesn’t exist in the same space as overwhelm.

At least not for me.

What that means to me, is that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, one of two things is happening; either, I’m working on something I don’t really want to be doing (it’s not aligned with my passion) or I’m letting fear get the best of me.

Let’s look at the first one… doing something you don’t really want to be doing.

There are a lot of reasons to take on projects that may not completely align with your passion and purpose, but when it comes to building a business, you really have to be careful here. It’s easy to get sidetracked by something that feels like an obligation, looks like a good opportunity or has the potential to bring in substantial income. No matter what the reason, if the project or task is not in alignment with your overall goals, you will have to struggle with yourself to get it done. Pay attention to that feeling, it’s telling you something.

Don’t get me wrong here… there will be times when you are doing something that is aligned with your overall goals and you may not want to be doing it… that’s a different experience though. It doesn’t feel suffocating and crushing… and you can, with a little effort, shift your thinking about it by focusing on the outcome, generally pretty easily bringing yourself into a place where you aren’t resisting it as much.

What I’m talking about is when you are off-track, and that oppressive, heavy feeling comes over you, you feel like you have SO MUCH to do you can barely breathe and all you want to do is go to the park, watch TV or crawl into bed. Pay attention. It’s likely you are working on something that is not aligned with your passion and your heart’s desire. That kind of overwhelm is something you generally won’t experience at the same time as feeling excitement or passion for what you really want to do.

Now let’s take a look at the second one… letting fear get the best of you.

The second reason we often run into that sense of overwhelm is when we are beginning to do what we really want to do and fear gets the better of us. It’s a different feeling though… you mind spins with all the people who are already doing it, how there’s no space in the market for you, you just don’t see how you’re going to make money doing this thing or making this product, you have no idea how you will get it done… It looks like a different choice would be easier… “the grass is so much greener over there… why didn’t I choose to be an xyz or make xyz.”

It’s an illusion. A mirage.

Take a few deep breaths, pull out your quarterly plan and re-focus you attention on what you really love and want to do. Put blinders on… the grass is definitely NOT greener (after being in a couple different industries and having successful friends in several more, I can tell you with absolute certainty, running your own business requires tremendous effort and if there is no competition, well, you are either cutting edge (which can be really hard) or creating something there is no market for – competition is healthy, and a sign that people are interested in what you have to offer).

So, if you are struggling with overwhelm, take some time today to sit down and brain dump all the tasks and things you need to do onto a piece of paper, into a document, online into a project management software (here’s a good one) – whatever will work for you. Then take a few minutes and answer the following questions:

1. What do I really LOVE to do?

2. When do I feel the most energized and passionate in my life? (This could be showing up anywhere, not just in business)

3. What am I doing when I really connect with people and make the most difference in their lives and my own?

Cut loose with this. Don’t hold back. Nothing is right or wrong – good or bad. Just let it come. You may know exactly what the answers are or you may still be sorting it out.

Once you have your answers for this, take a look at your task list brain dump – anything that is on there that isn’t related to something you wrote answering these three questions should be reviewed with a very strict eye. You may need to eliminate it.

And, if you’re struggling with that decision because you feel like you made a commitment, you owe someone or you’ve put in a lot of time and effort, reach out to someone you trust that can help you figure out how to handle it. If you don’t have anyone in your life that fits that bill, then you may want to consider working with a coach – this is where coaches have made some of the most significant impact in my life. Giving me permission to stop something that I knew was not working for me, that was sometimes even really unhealthy for me, but where I felt obligated or like I couldn’t change my mind. There are always options and choices, but when you are stuck you can’t always see them, a good coach can help you find a solution you will resonate with, it may be challenging, but it could also be life-altering.

If you are interested in working with me as a coach, use this Contact form and we’ll set up an appointment to talk. Creating a life that thrills you often requires help and support that family and friends can’t or don’t know how to give. Don’t let it stop you.

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