Twitter Sales in 12 Minutes a Day Webinar

Twitter for Marketing Your Business

You know there’s more to Twitter than meets the eye, but just how do you get it to work for you?

Things I’ve heard entrepreneur’s say about Twitter…

“I just don’t have any idea what the heck to tweet about, I mean, really,
do people WANT to know what I ate for breakfast?”

“I don’t know, I’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter and I just don’t ‘Get It‘…”

“It’s not possible to read everything that everyone says, I’m totally overwhelmed
and have no idea how to manage this…”

“The Twitter website just doesn’t make sense to me – I know there’s value
in using Twitter, but I just don’t know where to begin…”

And so much more… bottom line is, most entrepreneurs are CLUELESS about how to use Twitter to build their business…

Here’s the answer:

This fast paced, content packed webinar will share some of the biggest and most important secrets I have about using Twitter for marketing your business – including how to build relationships, make connections, and most importantly – MAKE SALES. I know your time is valuable, so this webinar will be just a one hour long, and I’ll jam in as much information as I can to make sure you can get going and make marketing on Twitter work for you.

What you will learn:

  • Why you NEED to be using Twitter for marketing (If you’re not you are simply leaving big bucks on the table every single day).
  • The single best tool for making Twitter more useful for your business (without this I floundered, once I got it up and running, I started having amazing success with Twitter).
  • What to Tweet about (seems to be the biggest question entrepreneurs have about Twitter – I’ll show you exactly what to do to make your followers hang on your tweets).
  • Time management and Twitter (make sure you don’t fall into a black-hole of social media time wasting – get in, get out and make sales).

And much much more…

Here are the details:

You can get FREE Instant Access to this webinar, which was already recorded, just by clicking here – then you can watch and learn right now!

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