Often Forgotten 101 Marketing Strategy


Many small business owners and entrepreneurs forget one of the single most important and most basic of all 101 marketing strategies…

It’s a simple thing, something we all do naturally in our everyday lives, but forget – or even worse, purposefully remove, from our interactions with clients during the sales process and with prospects throughout marketing and advertising.

What is this all important, oft -overlooked basic marketing strategy?


Personality in marketing

Yes, it’s simple – almost so much so that you want to scoff at this post and ignore it… but do so at your own peril! Personality is one of the key factors in making you stand out, making your prospects turn into clients, and making your clients stick around, continuing to buy from you when they could likely find what you offer somewhere else. Don’t underestimate the value of this simple little thing.

Start to think about how you can infuse your marketing with your personality – and don’t worry about ‘turning someone off’ – it’s inevitable… it’s similar to when you are selecting a ‘niche’ (more on that in the next blog post) – it’s not about being for everyone – it’s about being FOR SOMEONE in particular. Don’t edit out your personality when you write, take some risks, show who you really are – you’ll be delighted with the results!

And, be careful with this, we have been schooled for years that we are supposed to present ‘professional’ appearances in writing, marketing and advertising… think about what appeals to you. Is it the big ‘professional’ business or the person who sits down and gets to know you, whose personality you connect with, that is most likely to get your business?

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