Guest Post: How to Build A Tribe of Social Media Advocates for Your Business


This is a guest post from my friend and peer Kathryn Rose – Enjoy!

Did you know there are 29.6 million small business owners, 69% of whom want help getting customers using the internet?

Furthermore most of them don’t understand internet marketing. Therefore, they won’t take the time to study social media, and they don’t have a clue about search engine optimization.

Nonetheless, business owners today realize that online marketing is a problem they MUST face and capitalize on. They also understand that traditional marketing doesn’t work on its own. They need systems and tools, and social media professionals who know how to attract the eyes and ears of their marketplace.
Do you know how?

Many social media managers focus on building numbers of facebook fans and twitter followers only to be disappointed that no one is really paying attention. These social media professionals are missing a key ingredient: Third party endorsement. Have you noticed that when someone else promotes your brand or links to a quality post on your blog, you get more traffic? Assuming that the social media and blog managers are adding interesting, engaging and quality information to their social media feeds, then brand advocates will be extremely helpful in getting results.

Prior to founding the Social Buzz Club with my partner Laura Rubinstein, we surveyed some of the internet’s most active social media pros and discovered that 90% of social media pros and business owners find that getting the word out about their brands effectively is the number one challenge when using social media sites.

Building up your facebook fan pages and twitter followings is a good thing, but building a tribe of brand advocates is the most powerful way to stand out on the social networking sites. People really do love to share quality, interesting, humorous, touching or valuable content with each other. What if you could count on a group of people consistently sharing your high quality content? That’s the foundation of the Social Buzz Club community.

Since it’s founded on the principle of reciprocity, the Social Buzz Club is set up to attract social media managers who participate weekly in sharing content and buzzing out other people’s content. It’s a brilliant way for any social media manager or business owner to get the word out about his/her companies because every member must share about others before sharing about their companies. The Social Buzz Club is a social marketing tool making social media users more effective at doing the job. It turns us into social media influencers.

The critical factor is that everyone in the tribe must have at least 1 year’s experience on the social networks and have an existing following (minimum of 1,000 twitter followers and 150 Facebook friends and /or fans). Each of these proven social media users are established credible resources on the social networks and have value to offer to the members. Quality content from quality people who collaborate together to build a robust brand-boosting tribe.

If you’re a social media savvy professional who loves the idea of collaboration and qualifies for membership, then click here and give the Social Buzz Club a whirl for free. Try it here.

Here’s to your social media success!

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