How much time do you spend marketing?


How much time do you spend marketing?

If you talk to almost any entrepreneur you will quickly find out that the majority of their time is spent either working on or developing their product or service, or on the ‘operations’ of their day to day business (often this applies to dollars as well, which we’ll look at in another post).

How much time do you spend marketing your product or service each day, week or month?

Most entrepreneurs spend, on average, 65% of their time developing or working on their product or service, 25% of their time on business operations and a measely 10% of their time on marketing. This application of their time is one of the main reasons such a huge number of small businesses ultimately fail.

If you want to be successful you need to reverse these numbers and start spending the majority of your time marketing and promoting your product/service. 65% of your time, overall, should be spent marketing, 25% improving and developing new products/services, and 10% on your operations. Putting this practice into place is tantamount to changing the equation of business to tip in your favor. If you market correctly, changing the orientation of your time will ultimately lead to success for you and your business.

Check back in a few days for information on some of the tasks you need to do in that 65%.

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