Just Being Me


I keep trying.

And, I am really starting to think THAT is my problem.

At the beginning of this year, I set a mantra for myself, and a goal. To ‘Just Be Me’.

Well, it seemed to be going pretty well… then I got scared, sidetracked and generally swept away with a bunch of BS that was, quite frankly, NOT me.

Maybe that’s a little harsh… but I keep trying to pin point something. To have a sentence or two that describes ‘Me’… so I can succinctly and efficiently tell people who I am, what I do and who I love to work with in, well, under 10 seconds.

It ain’t workin’.

And today, it occurred to me that I am trying to hard – ‘trying’ to just be me creates something like the ‘antithesis of me’ – at least on some levels.
So, from now on, I am going to let go of trying and I’m just going to ‘be.’

Sounds easy, right. Ha! When you’ve practiced, for years and years, the art of ‘pleasing’ sometimes you don’t even know what ‘me’ is… which is where I think that mantra idea came from to begin with… and I still think the mantra is a good idea… but I think I need to let go of the ‘trying’ and just let things unfold. I know who ‘me’ is, and I am pretty clear on it when I’m less visible, so now it’s just time to let it begin to unfold in every arena.

Letting go, and letting things unfold – feeling my way through and focusing on what feels right to me, even if some part of my brain screams, “No! You can’t do that! You can show that! You can be that!” Screw it. If it feels right and it feels good, in this moment, I’m going to go for it.

Just bein’ me. :-)

Heck, the website is right? So from now on, I’ll keep sharing biz info because it’s one of the things I love with a wild passion (seriously, my idea of an ideal vacation involves masterminding with a group of like-minded, equally biz-crazed women and cooking up major schemes on how we can grow our businesses, serve more people and make more moolah – not everyone’s idea of a ‘relaxing and rejuvenating time’ – but it gets me all jazzed and juiced up!)… and, I’m also going to just talk straight from the heart – about the things I love and the sometimes wacky, sometimes ispiring and sometimes (hopefully) helpful thoughts I have.

And, here’s thought number one… an upcoming blog post, perhaps.
If you are an entrepreneur and you are
a) laboring over your logo
b) creating (or have created) more than one SIMPLE business card
c) continually tweaking your website – or have spent a bunch of money on it more than one time
d) changing your direction more times than a popular prostitute changes her panties…

Then you are avoiding the work you really need to be doing…
Stay tuned for ‘What you REALLY need to be doing in your business, before the crap, as they say,  ‘hits the fan’.

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