Small Business Marketing Strategy Q&A: Who Can I Get To Do It For Me?


This is one of the first questions I get from people when they find out I help small businesses and entrepreneurs with their marketing…

And, I pretty much always have the same response: No One.

Your marketing is something that YOU should be heavily involved in – you need to think of yourself as the CMO, the Chief Marketing Officer, of your business.

Yes, I know you may not want to be involved with your marketing. I know I sure didn’t. Years ago, when I started my online jewelry businesses, the last thing I wanted to do was figure out marketing, PR and the like. I wanted to just hand it over to someone else and let them make it work. It was a HUGE mistake. I spent a TON of money… and never saw any return.

It wasn’t until I started to take responsibility, learn about marketing and start to figure out what strategies would work for my businesses that I started to see results.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you shouldn’t get help, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t outsource some, or even a lot, of the implementation. What I am saying is that you can not afford to abdicate responsibility for your marketing. You can work with a marketing or business coach, take some courses, go to a seminar, read some books and start to get your feet wet. As you start to develop your marketing strategies, you can bring someone in who has more¬†experience¬†to help you think about things, help you come up with new strategies and ideas (we are, it seems, ‘challenged’ when it comes to thinking about our own businesses…), but ultimately, you need to have your hand in every marketing strategy that your business executes – at least while your business is still at a size where that is possible.

Look, the bottom line is, no one cares about your business and your success as much as you do. If your passion and joy in what you do isn’t part of your marketing, you’ll be missing out – big time.

And, it’s not like you have to do it all… once you design the strategies and lay out the processesss for them, you can find people to implement the more ‘administrative’ side of things – the printing and mailing of the letters (maybe even get a good copy writer to write the letter – but you better read it to make sure it’s a fit for your prospect and target market!) for example, or the collecting of data to find out if the strategy is working (but it’s your job to look at the report and determine the next steps – tweak/change, use again, try new tactics…) and much more.

As you begin to design your marketing systems, you’ll soon see the areas that can easily be outsourced to someone else. You’ll know where you need help ‘thinking outside of the box’ to come up with new ideas and you’ll begin to build your marketing ‘chops’.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you need a little help in this arena, a Lightening Round Breakthrough Session could be just the thing for you. I’m putting the finishing touches on this program now, so if you are interested, click here to be notified when it’s ready to launch. I’m going to make this a ‘no-brainer’ way to get that quick shot you need, get a few great strategies you can implement right away and start to get your marketing working for you. Click here if you want to know more.

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  1. kera says:

    so true, Payson… too many people think that marketing can be left “to the professionals” but really, it’s “advertising” and “publicity” that you can leave to professionals… “marketing” really has to come from you – the one person most deeply invested in your product or service.

    to me, marketing is more about passion for the product/service. Anyone can design an ad or write a press release for you IF you first “market” it with your passion & deep knowledge of it…

    that’s where it has to start. (that, or find someone to share a brain with – that can work, too!)

  2. Payson says:

    Thanks so much for the comment Kera! And, I like the idea of ‘sharing a brain’… :-)