Q & A Thursday: Twitter Marketing Tips


For our first Q & A Thursday we have a question about Twitter:


Julie asks, “How can you get your tweets to stand out among the sea of tweets that people receive?”


The answer to this question is similar to the answer to questions about how to get your marketing messages noticed in all different kinds of media. Twitter can be a very successful from of media when used correctly – which really isn’t too hard to do…

1. It’s About What THEY Want: The way you get noticed is you make sure that your tweets (or marketing message anywhere, really) is all about something your target market wants to know more about. You want to make sure you lead with a benefit that your prospect on Twitter wants, and wants BAD. The more it is something they have a keen and intense desire for the more likely they will be to notice the tweet and click on a link. (By the way, you should be including links to lots of great content and information that you are sharing… that’s what you’re doing, right?)

2. Make It About THEM: Use ‘You’ in your tweets – make it about THEM, what THEYare experiencing, what THEY want, what THEY need and what clicking through will do for THEM. It’s not about you. It’s about THEM.

3. Make it Frequent: Because of the speed with which most things fly through people’s Twitter feed, you need to post your tweets and links more than once. Generally you can’t post a duplicate tweet within a short period of time, but you can paste the same tweet into the text box and then change up the words a bit and schedule the tweets to go out a few times a day over the course of several days. That way the people who are on Twitter at any given moment will have a chance of seeing it if they are watching their Twitter feed.

4. Get Listed: You want to get listed as many times as possible – what does that mean? A list is a sub-set of Twitter users that someone follows. I have a variety of lists, including friends, peers, other marketers, people I want to build relationships with, people who’ve purchased my products etc. When you are on someone’s list, it is like being on their ‘short’ list – the short list of tweeters and tweets they are most likely to read. How do you get listed? Share great content and people will notice. When they do, and they decide they like you, the’ll add you to a list. If you retweet them often, or interact with them, they will be likely to add you to a list as well.

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