What’s Eatin’ You?


In the last few weeks I’ve been shown more and more that when something is eating at me, irritating me, bugging me… ┬áit’s because there is a reflection of some truth there for me to notice about myself.

So, when someone is getting under my skin (I have a lot of contact with other entrepreneurs, so it’s pretty inevitable now and again), I’ve begun to follow a few steps to (hopefully) get some enlightenment for myself and continue to grow.

First, as soon as I can get my head out of that dark space between my legs (aka: my butt), I take a deep breath and recognize that my upset is all about me.

Next, once I start to get a handle on it, I can more rationally ask myself what it is, specifically, that is getting my goose.

Once I get a hold of that, comes the REALLY hard part… recognizing that, in many cases (maybe all, sometimes it’s too hard to get perspective), that thing that’s bugging the crap out of me, is something that I also do…

In other words, it bugs me because I don’t appreciate that quality or behavior in myself.

So, next time someone is irking you, get a little distance and when you are feeling your equilibrium, ask yourself if there is some way you are displaying that same behavior or quality yourself.

No – it’s not easy, but the insights and the payoff could be HUGE. :-)

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