Turn More Website Visitors Into Paying Clients

Are You Trying To Figure Out How To Get More
Of Your Website Visitors To Become Clients?
Well, Search No More…

You probably know how incredibly important it is to get traffic to your websites… and as you start to use methods that build traffic new visitors find their way there, but what happens when they get there? Do they poke around a little bit, but then high-tail it out of dodge? Or do they hang around for ages, mesmerized by your message and guided on an inviting tree-lined path right to their first step to working with you?

In this session, you’ll discover exactly how to create that ‘tree-lined’ path, bringing your prospects right to the door to becoming a client with traffic and conversion expert Kathy DalPra. She will share The Online Close™ insider secrets for engaging your visitors and converting them into new clients, efficiently, affordably and with less work than ever before!

What you will learn:

  • The #1 most overlooked way to guarantee your visitors take the next step on your website
  • The secret to removing yourself from the sales process (yes!), while getting more leads than ever before
  • A non-salesy, uninterrupted way to share your offers with visitors while they’re still exploring
  • 5 proven ways to draw visitors in with a compelling message
  • How to gain instant trust from skeptical visitors without saying a thing
  • The ONE thing every single page in your website must have to turn more visitors into engaged prospects and paying clients


If you want to get on this COMPLIMENTARY CALL and learn these insider secrets, all you need to do is sign up below:

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