Who Is Payson

I’m a business strategist and visionary who is very passionate about marketing. I’ve studied with some of the best marketers in the world including… In the past I’ve worked as a consultant as an analyst, trainer and general persuader (get rid of City of New York)

Who are you?

I am a marketing strategist and visionary. I have been credited with helping several companies increase their bottom line, to the point of being responsible, in some cases, for 80-90% of a companies’ revenue. I have studied with the best marketers in the world, including Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Harv Eker, John Carlton and more. I worked as a consultant with the City of New York as an analyst, trainer and general persuader, learning and perfecting the skills that allow me to rapidly identify where a businesses’ marketing opportunities lie and develop the strategies that create explosive success.

Why are you in this business?

I am extremely passionate about brainstorming and the creative development of strategies that will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I have seen over and over again that small business owners and entrepreneurs can not see the ‘forest for the trees’ and in a very short period of time, I can illuminate the key things they need to grow rapidly. I love helping someone connect to their real passion, decide how they want to express that through their business, then give them the strategies and the plan that will take them there.

What do you do for your customers?

I help them see a bigger vision for their business, help them connect with the passion that got them started. Then I work with them to determine a direction that ignites that passion and gives them the motivation they want and need to build a successful business. Once we have that, I break down the steps and we design the marketing strategies needed to achieve that vision. I give them confidence in their marketing and security to know that there will be more than enough income to not only keep things going, but to grow, and ultimately, free themselves from the every-day grind.

I offer individualized marketing strategies that will help your business grow, create the success you are looking for and bring you more money.

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