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Attention entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, coaches and speakers ready to end financial struggle and bust through money blocks…


Are You Ready To Breakthrough To

Your First Six Figures?


I know it’s a big promise.

But, what if I told you that there was an easy-to-follow plan that will allow you to make more money and not have to work endless hours to do it…?

In fact, you might even end up working less.

It will also allow you to attract and convert high-paying clients easily AND charge up to TEN TIMES more for your services, and have your clients thank you for doing it.

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? I would have thought so too. Just stick with me here.

I can assure you that there is a simple system to earning more money in your business. I’ve watched it happen over and over (and over) again.

It has nothing to do with tricks. Or gimmicks. There’s no cheesy infomercial speech making elusive promises. No pyramid schemes that leave you with a room full of free “product” with no one to sell it to.

I’m talking about a straightforward, step-by-step plan to not just make more money, but to set you on the path to breaking through 6-Figures in the next year in your business.

You might be wondering why I would have this “magic” ingredient to make more money. You may also be wondering what makes what I’m about to tell you so “different” than all of the other money-making hullaballoo that’s already out there.

So, I’ll just cut right to the chase.


You’re not making the money you deserve in your business

because your system for making money it is ALL WRONG.


Here’s what I mean. As a business owner, you’ll come to realize there are only
3 sure-fire ways to earn more revenue:

1. You can get more clients
2. You can get the clients you have to buy more
3. You can increase the size (aka: dollar amount) of each transaction you have

BUT, there’s something many people don’t realize that comes even BEFORE these steps… it’s getting the clarity to know what your are offering and who your ‘peeps’ are.

Sooo… before you can go focusing on how to get more clients (and there are great strategies to do just that), you have to figure out who the people are that you want to work with and what, exactly, they need from you. And, you have to do that while still making sure you are inspired and passionate about what you’re delivering too… it’s complicated, and a lot of service-based entrepreneurs get stuck RIGHT HERE.

They never even figure out how to get past this point, so they can focus on those other three things and get good at things like marketing, PR and sales.

Seriously, I know from personal experience and from watching other entrepreneurs, that all the marketing training, all the sales training, all the video making, all the social media doing in the world won’t make a darn bit of difference if you don’t have the right foundation in place.

If you struggle with finding clients in your business, and pretty much rely on the occasional referral, then your formula, your plan, for building your business is destined to fail.


Let’s dig in and find out what you really NEED TO DO

to build a 6 Figure Business, shall we?


You might think it makes sense to focus on that first option listed above – getting more clients. Obviously this option makes sense, but it also puts you in an endless cycle of chase. Before long you feel like the jilted teenager constantly pining after the boy that won’t give her a second look. You need to shift things around so that your ideal clients are coming to you, being attracted to you.

I’m not saying you’ll never have to reach out and find clients – that’s just smart business – but with the right pieces in place, your ideal peeps will start noticing you and asking you for more information, opening the door for you to do business with them.

The second option – getting the clients you have to buy more – is pretty rockin.’ But you can’t have a thriving and steadily increasing business if you count SOLELY on your existing crew of customers (particularly if you are like a lot of other enterpreneurs, and you don’t have enough clients to begin with…).

As you might have guessed, the real money-makin’ ‘honey’ is in the third option – increasing the size (dollar amount) of each transaction.

So how do you hit this sweet spot in your business?

You set things up in your business so that you create bigger transformations for your clients, which makes your services more valuable.

Well, it sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? When you do that, you can actually increase the fees you charge, make more money with less work and less clients.


But I bet at this point, your mind is

starting to hem and haw…

Questions like these are popping up in your mind…

“Would anyone really pay THAT much money to work with me?”
“How can I even say a bigger number with confidence without feeling like a wilting flower?”
“What about my existing clients – do I have to raise fees for them?”
“I can’t even get enough clients now – do you really think I can get people to pay more when they won’t even pay my current fee?”

And all of these are valid points.


It sucks not having the confidence to charge

what you’re worth.

It sucks not being able to attract the right clients

that happily pay that fee.


But I’m here to give you permission – to validate, and move you into a place where you feel excited about what you do and the transformation you inspire. A place where you can present your services to clients with enthusiasm and the utmost confidence, and it comes so easily that it just rolls off your tongue.

On top of that, I’m also here to shift the flow of income into your life, opening you up to the big potential that is already there, just waiting to be tapped. It’s a little cliché, but something I still believe… It’s YOUR TIME TO SHINE. How do I know that? You’re here, reading this and looking for a way to break through.


Now, I know what you might be thinking…

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… but I’ve spent a bunch of

time and money on programs and stuff,

but it’s just not working for me.”


Believe me, I really understand. I have more ‘still in the plastic-wrap’ shelf-help than most people will even consider in their lifetimes… and that doesn’t account for the approximately 42 DAYS of 24/7 (yes, that is 1008 hours) of recorded classes and programs on my iPod. Remarkably, many of them I have listened to, there are many more I intend to listen to…

But I’ve learned… you have to CHOOSE.

You have to choose one person at a time, one topic at a time, in order to make the progress that you want.


And, the most important one to choose, you ask?

Well, it’s the one that’s going to start bringing in the cash the fastest, with the least amount of effort.

The one that won’t add to the ever-growing list of things you MUST DO, but will begin to simplify and bring more clarity and ease into your life. The one that eliminates overwhelm.

The thing that will create a solid foundation for your business, so you can continue to grow, creating the financial, time and creative freedom you set out to create when you headed out on this journey of being an entrepreneur.

That’s why I put together this program. Entrepreneurs kept coming to me and asking me the same questions over and over again… questions like:

  • How do I create the confidence to get clients and make the sale?
  • How do I know what to say to people and if I’m pushing too hard?
  • What if I’m afraid of putting myself ‘out there’ in a big way?
  • How do I get the visibility I need to attract the right clients?
  • What if I’m scared of both failure AND success?
  • Where do I find clients? Particularly clients who can afford my services?
  • I have too many irons in the fire, how do I manage my time and get things done?

This program is focused on one specific and detailed answer to these questions. It might not seem like it, but by creating the right foundation, getting yourself into complete alignment with your confidence and value and finally feeling good about what and how you are putting yourself out there can answer every single one of these questions perfectly.

I subscribe to the K*I*S*S methodology – Keep It Simple Sweetheart (yes, an appropriate little ‘change’ there – we should all be loving ourselves, not insulting ourselves)… This program funnels down to the core of where many of these issues come from, supplies the solution and gives you the tools you need to get your sh*t on track. :-)


These are a few of the things you can expect to

happen when we work together


  • You’ll develop the confidence to charge what you are worth – basically, start MAKING MORE MONEY. You’ll move from tentative and scared to powerful and confident, owning your worth. (Believe it or not, this will most likely affect SEVERAL additional areas of your life, but most importantly your bottom line – you’ll be setting yourself up to make more money, probably A LOT more money).
  • Relief from overwhelm. (When you aren’t sure how to find the clients you want and need… you know, the ones who can and will actually PAY you what you’re WORTH… you end up in a sticky place mentally – we’re going to fix that – permanently.)
  • A clear, step by step strategy to not only getting that first client at your new rate, but a plan on how to FIND MORE CLIENTS that you love and who love you, filling your pipeline week after week and month after month.
  • Increase your income with an exact, and effective, methodology for designing your business so you work less while still making more, and changing more lives. (This is a tough spot for most entrepreneurs, and there are graceful and elegant ways of designing things so you can have the business you want AND the life you want along with it – no, you won’t be swallowed whole by too much work – remember, this is about simplifying things.)
  • The clarity of focused direction that brings you peace of mind, the ease of knowing you are on the right track and let’s the light of JOY back into your business. Here’s the dealio – when you have clarity things start to get easier – you know who to talk to, you know what to talk about, marketing and sales becomes much more straight forward – and any information you have learned in courses and programs suddenly ‘fits’ and starts to pay off.
  • A specific, clear and unique system to deliver the best of what you know and the best client getting strategies for your business model, including a plan to help you continue to grow into the future as you build your foundation, your reputation and your client base.

Here’s how to know if this program is right for you…


There is a right way and a wrong way to increase, double or even triple your fees (and some of you need to do just that, trustme), this program is for you if:

  • You’ve tried to get more clients but you’re not making the sales you want and need (in other words, something is still out-of-whack, you’re uncomfortable, so is the prospect and the sale just isn’t happening, or you aren’t finding the people).
  • You’re tired of trading money for hours and ending up with barely enough to scrape by – or even worse, not enough to cover the bills.
  • Every time you talk to someone they tell you ‘it’s just too expensive’… and you let it go at that (and no, I’m not going to push hard-selling tactics at you – I don’t believe in them, but there is an underlying issue here and we can deal with it).
  • You are beginning to (or maybe already do – A LOT) resent your clients and your work – even though it’s something you love deep down (this is one of the most insidious and heart-breaking experiences, so if you’re on the cusp you need to do something about it NOW – whether it’s this program or something else, don’t go any further down that rabbit-hole).
  • You are feeling unsatisfied with the way your business is growing – in my experience this has a lot to do with our relationship to our expectations and plan around what we charge and our worth. (If this fits you, we can have a chat about whether this program will support you or not – it may be related to other issues.)
  • You are sick and tired of feeling financially stressed, completely overwhelmed and you are ready to set things up so that you and your business can really grow – into 6 figures, and then on into 7 figures, if that’s what you want to create.




Maybe you can tell by the ‘no-frills’ attitude of this page that I’m a down-to-earth kind of person that likes to tell it like it is. However, I also believe in compassion, in working with you where you are and in finding the solution that will work for you. Frankly, your particular situation is as unique as you are, and while some of the information is stuff that could help most entrepreneurs, this is set up as a very small group program for a reason.


You might think it’s funny that I wrote that in the ‘Who the heck am I anyway?” section, but there’s a reason for it. This actually is, and should be, all about you.

And, I also know that you probably got to this page from someplace where you started to learn a little bit about me. (My About page has some more detail too – if you want it). If you got here without any introduction – here’s my ‘official bio’ to get you started:

Payson Cooper has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs make more money in their business without working harder. Her flagship program – Your Million Dollar Map – transforms businesses and lives by offering simple, actionable strategies to create successful programs and boost profits. Payson is also the founder and chief designer of Payson & Co. Jewelry and has created one-of-a-kind baubles that have graced magazine covers, been featured in movies, and even have the endorsement of fashion guru Tim Gunn.


The ‘fine print’ details…


If you’ve read this far, you probably want to know a bit more about the details of the program, so here goes:

1. It’s a 90-Day Small Group Program. That’s it. It’s not 6 months, it’s not a year. We lay the foundation work you need to get you set up to start making money, you get to create your personal and unique system for transforming your clients lives. The program is 90 Days because I find it works much better to go through each step thoroughly, with lots of support, so that you can break through any barriers or blocks and have multiple successes that will keep your momentum going once we’re done. (I want to make sure you don’t get stuck after you have your first success – which is what happens sometimes when we’re afraid of both success and failure – we see that something works, and for some inexplicable reason, we stop short. I’ll be there to make sure you don’t do that.)

2. It’s a small group because I find that a handful of like-minded entrepreneurs, being guided and getting one-on-one attention, is a powerful vortex of energy and creativity. It opens the door to expansion beyond what is sometimes possible one-on-one (people ask questions and need help with things you haven’t thought of yet, for example), and still keeps things cozy enough that everyone gets the attention they need.

3. You’ll be ready to enroll your first client(s) before we complete the program – if you show up powerfully and do the work, you’ll be enrolling clients within the 90 Days of the program, possibly well before.

4. You will get 7 information packed 60-90 minutes sessions, including one group VIP Workshop Day where we’ll work together to build your entire program. AND, on top of that, there are 3, 90 Minute Breakthrough Coaching sessions, where you can get all your questions answered and we’ll do some laser-coaching to break you through any blocks or issues that may come up.

5. We’ll have 1, one-on-one private call where we’ll dig deep into where you are, what’s holding you back and what needs to shift to move you into the right space and frame of mind to change your revenue stream completely.

6. We take implementation weeks – interspersed between training sessions there will be 2 weeks that are focused on implementation and practice – and yes, you will have homework, but it will be well worth it.

7. We will walk through the 3 essential steps to building the foundation to your First Six Figures (and Your Million Dollar Map, if that is your ultimate goal), creating your unique and transformative process, becoming client attractive and having the conversation that leads to enrolling your clients.

Of course, all the calls will be recorded, so you’ll be able to go back and listen again whenever you want or need to. If, when we are done, you are bumping up against the next threshold or you are ready to create another program, you can use the program again to breakthrough that next ceiling – so basically, this is a program that just keeps on giving… I’m only half kidding… 😉

Look… one of the most important lessons I’ve learned as an employee, as a consultant and then, again, as an entrepreneur is that how you feel about what you are worth is the single most important factor in making more money. It’s a HUGE challenge for most people, and an area I have coached probably a hundred people over the years. I have no confusion about it at all, and have no problem supporting people in charging what their worth.

Conversations with me have, quite literally, led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased salaries, consulting fees and small business revenue, possibly even more than a million (I might actually have to do that math sometime – just off the top of my head I can come up with just under $500K in additional income for people)…

If this is an area where you have struggled, the information, support, clarity and, very importantly, the accountability, will allow you to breakthrough to your next level.

Are you ready?



If this feels right to you and you feel like some of the answers you are looking for can be found here, then enter your information below and you’ll be taken straight to the application to work with me. Please understand that I don’t accept everyone – I use this information myself, which means that I’m working smarter, not harder, and I’m creating a business that supports me and my life the way I want it to be. Heck, I started a business to feel satisfaction and joy in my life – you probably did too – so I’ve put my foot down and work in a way that feels right to me.

Also, I really believe in only working with those people who want and need what I can provide. If you aren’t a perfect fit, I’ll probably know someone who is and will likely send you to one of the amazing people in my network. If you are a good fit, we’ll have a cozy chat make sure we’re both on the same page, before anything else happens.

If we’re both in agreement that moving forward is a win-win, then we’ll square away the rest of the details and get started.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to really move into a place of owning your worth and finally making the money you want, fill out the information below and take the first step toward changing your business.

Thanks so much for giving me some of your time, and regardless of if whether we end up working together, I wish you success, wealth, good health and much happiness!

In joy,

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