6-Figure Systems: 6 Weeks to Business Transformation...

STOP feeling overwhelmed by the daily administrative tasks of owning your own business…and FINALLY enjoy the thrill of being a true entrepreneur on pace for 6-figures and beyond.

Effective Systems + Accountability = Insane Profits and Ultimate Freedom

The typical business owner spends a majority of their time doing 95% of the tasks that have the least impact on their business.

The successful entrepreneur focuses entirely on the top 5% of tasks that directly impacts her revenues and growth because she has implemented reliable systems.

Here is the difference:

A business owner simply processes “transactions”

An entrepreneur knows she has a deep-seeded purpose

Now ask yourself (and be honest!):

  1. Are you realizing your true potential as an entrepreneur with effective systems in place that enable you to focus on growing your business and enjoying the prosperity that comes with pursuing your vision?
  2. Or are you currently a business owner overwhelmed by the menial, daily business transactions just to keep your business alive?

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the tedious (but necessary) daily business transactions just to keep your business afloat, it’s time to make a change.

If you don’t feel you are able to give the time, energy, or focus necessary to take your business to the next level, isn’t it finally time to position your business to give you the reward your passion and hard work deserves?

Maybe you feel stuck because you feel you don’t have the resources to “let go” of some of those daily tasks.

Or maybe you feel as though no one can do these tasks better than you.

The bottom-line truth is successful entrepreneurs implement systems that allow them to work their way out of focusing on the daily business transactions and enable them to focus their time and energy on working on the growth-potential of their business.

What specific concrete systems do you have in place that enable you to focus on the “big picture” of your business?

We are multiple 6-Figure Entrepreneurs Lindsay Vastola and Payson Cooper… and we’ve partnered together to offer you a 6-module, intensive mentoring program specifically designed to give you the proven systems guaranteed to set you up for 6-figures and beyond.

Because we have effective systems in place:

Finally, true freedom!

We know how incredible it feels to finally be free of the daily business “transactions” and create the opportunity to work on achieving our higher goals and aspirations.

If you’re reading this, we believe you too are an entrepreneur, not just a business owner.

We know you are capable of (and craving) the same feeling of freedom. You probably just need structure, accountability, and to be provided the proven systems and templates to seamlessly implement into your business.

This 6-Module mentorship program is anything but cookie-cutter, each action item of the program is designed specifically to put you one step closer to six figures and more.

Phase 1 with Lindsay: Your 6-Figure Systems Toolkit

Module 1: Quit being a Business Owner: Nail down your 5% and Systematize “The Rest”

Module 2: Create your “6-Figure Success Systems Toolkit

Module 3: Layout your 12-month “Big Picture Calendar,” solidify your “Action Items” for June

Phase 2 with Payson: Customize your 6-Figure Marketing Systems

Module 4: Implement you very own “Social Media Marketing System” that will kick your marketing into high-gear. This is the stuff that can make the difference between hours and hours of wasted time and actually creating a model and methodology that delivers prospects, clients, PR opportunities and critical connections day after day, week after week.

Module 5: Find out how to “Create a Compelling Offer” including the ESSENTIAL elements of an offer that draws your customers in and primes them for buying without you having to say another word. This is the stuff that really ‘greases the wheels’ and makes selling so easy you’ll feel like you’re just sharing water with people who haven’t had a drop in days.

Module 6: Learn EXACTLY what you need to have on your website to grab prospects attention (Hint: It’s “Your Opt-In Offer“), get them to join your tribe and create a “Follow-Up System” that consistently converts those ‘window shoppers’ into BUYERS. Most people miss this (it’s remarkable how many websites, to this day don’t bother with this – or even worse, do it wrong), and miss out on some of the biggest and best opportunities on the web today.

Program Information:

Included in this program are the proprietary templates, guides and audios, including approximately 50 minutes of non-stop, content-rich, value-driven coaching and instruction in each module, followed by 10-20+ minutes of Q&A from people just like you who’ve taken this program before. You’ll get answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of yet…

And, you’ll have lifetime access, as well as the option to download the audios in order to replay at your own convenience.

Here is a snapshot of the incredible value you will get after completing this 6-module intensive coaching program:

(We’re going to give you access to the actual systems and templates that are key to their multiple six-figure businesses and will work with you to customize each for your business. Invaluable!)


Most programs of this caliber would cost you upwards of several thousand dollars. We both know this first-hand since we have each invested tens of thousands of well-spent dollars to work with coaches, consultants, mentors, and high-level programs and mastermind groups to help them achieve their level of success.

And, we’re SO excited to offer you our experience and knowledge to help launch your business to the next level.

Instead of asking you to invest over $497 for the complete 6-Module Mentorship Program (that would still be significantly less than many “cookie-cutter” programs out there!), the investment in your business is only $97 for the entire program with BOTH of us AND our proven 6-figure systems!

Imagine in just six short modules having a binder complete with your detailed systems, calendars, concrete goals and action items planned and ready to implement.

How much relief would that give you?

Imagine the time and energy you could finally put into the primary reason you actually became an entrepreneur…to pursue your passion and generate profit!

All we ask is that you’re ready to take action and commit 100% to the action steps that we lay out for you over the course of the six modules…

“I never worry about action, but only inaction.” – Winston Churchill

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Be one of the first 7 entrepreneurs who take action and commit to taking her business to the next level and get two 30-minute 1-on-1 private phone coaching sessions! One session with Lindsay and one session with Payson (a $197 value…we each charge over $200 an hour for coaching and consulting entrepreneurs).

A private coaching session each of us will not only position you to get more out of the next six weeks, imagine getting even one nugget of knowledge that could completely transform your business!


Click here to reserve your spot for just $497 $97 and get your fast-action bonus!


Committed to your success,

Lindsay Vastola & Payson Cooper


P.S. Don’t forget, we’re limiting the number of entrepreneurs in the 6-Figure Systems group to ensure that we are able to provide as much value as possible to each participant.

Don’t wait – take action now and get your Fast Action Bonus!


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